For the past 15 years SNO has enthusiastically devoted itself to the manufacturing of unique and innovative boats: the legendary Novamarine

Thanks to its numerous departments specialised in each sector and to a technical office of architects and engineers, SNO started to design and build unmatched and innovative boats inside its shipyard. Started out as a joke, a new challenge for SNO, the manufacturing eventually became one of the main activities of the shipyard, together with sales and service.

Painstaking attention to detail, last generation construction techniques and top quality materials let the company join the list of the most competitive shipyards on the market – true symbol of the Made In Italy

All components are built in-house, inside the shipyard based in Olbia. Nothing is outsourced. The design team assists the owner through the customisation process: installers, mechanics, woodworkers, metal carpenters and the remaining specialised staff belonging to the several departments of the company cooperate to the creation of items that share the unparalleled features of what is hand-made. SNO’s commitment to excellence has pushed the company to grow, it has fuelled a steady and constant improvement and has incentivated investments in new facilities, new systems and human resources. The goal of the company is to become global leader in the nautical industry: one name to provide all different services that the industry requires.